Your story

… excitement in the mail box

Rod’s story

When I was no more than five or six, my dad was often away working in the United States. Back in Mexico, we had no telephone – or electricity, for that matter – so mail was the only way we could communicate with him.I recall writing him letters (more like two-line notes) and feeling connected to him when I did. I also recall how my heart beat with excitement when I went to mailbox to see if he had written me. Oh, what joy if I had received a letter! That’s the kind of excitement we want donors to feel when they receive mail from you. Our desire as an agency is to connect them with your Mission in such a way that they look forward to hearing from you and learning about the lives they are changing through your work.

Telling your story

When we effectively share the heartfelt stories from those who are hurting and disadvantaged, our communities will rise up to meet the need.

Direct Mail

Approximately six weeks before each campaign, we get from your data a list of donors who are eligible to receive any mailing.


We then put list through an RFM (Recency, Frequency, Money) screening to make sure we’re mailing the right donors at the right time, and we tailor each campaign specifically for you. Your data will never be based on someone else’s results. In most cases, your data should look different than other Missions.


Even as traditional direct mail continues to be the number one source of income, other channels must be evaluated and explored.

After all, man shall not live by bread alone.

In a similar manner, direct mail or digital communication should not be one or the other. Both are valuable tools that can work together in telling your story to donors.

Digital growth continues to trend in a positive way, and direct mail is a critical component of that growth. Donors who are giving online are giving because direct mail is prompting them to do so. On average, 70 to 90% of donors who give online receive the mailings at home.

The main key is to have messaging coordinated (theme, in-home dates) at all entry points. Direct mail messaging and images should match digital appeals. Newsletter stories should be featured on your website, and your email can be an entry point to those stories, videos, and events.

Donor Acquisition

Mission Partner A worked with another agency in 2017 – their last year before partnering with Delia Martín – for their fall donor acquisition campaign. They mailed 25,000 pieces for the first mailing and achieved a 1.05% response rate and 263 responses. This equalled an ROI of $.65.

In 2020 we helped them mail 9,600 pieces for this same mailing – 15,400 fewer pieces than 2017 – and achieved a 2.35% response rate and 226 responses. This amounted to an ROI of $1.81 – nearly three times as high as their last mailing with another agency.

Mission Partner B worked with another agency in 2017 – also their last year before partnering with Delia Martín – to mail 25,000 pieces for their second fall acquisition mailing and achieved a .72% response rate and 179 responses. This amounted to an ROI of $.69.

In 2020 we helped this Mission mail 15,000 pieces for their second acquisition mailing – 10,000 fewer than in 2017 – achieved a 1.12% response rate and 168 responses. This amounted to an ROI of $1.16 – nearly twice as high as their 2017 mailing with another agency.

We Review Everything

At Delia Martín Agency, we don’t just analyze the direct mail and digital campaigns; we also look at the overall health of your entire development program with a DPA (Development Performance Analysis).

Through the DPA we look at key performance indicators that include but are not limited.

Overall Income

Average Gift

Donor Retention Rates


Gifts Per Donor Trends

Long-Term Value

Active Donor Growth

This helps us identify strengths in your development efforts, as well as areas of concern that need to be addressed.


No matter what medium we use – be it personal contact, direct mail, digital appeals or social media – the standard is always the same:

Make it real, keep it simple, and let the stories speak for themselves.

Case Studies

How many times have you heard agencies claim, “We mail smarter”, but you end up mailing more and more each time with them, even if the health of your file doesn’t justify the increase?

At Delia Martín, we don’t just say we believe in “mailing smarter.” We do it, even if it means making significant cuts to mail quantities.

That’s because our primary goal is to help you achieve maximum ROI on your fundraising investment.