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Our story

I’m Rod Romero, President & CEO of Delia Martín Agency in Glendora, California.

I grew up in Mexico in a village of about 75 people. We lived a subsistence lifestyle. No electricity. No plumbing. We had some good times, but there were many challenges. I can recall sitting at the dinner table with my family when we had almost nothing to eat. Sometimes my mother didn’t eat a single bite. But she never complained.
I decided to follow Christ in high school, and it was during this time, I volunteered to serve meals at a Rescue Mission in downtown Los Angeles. I immediately fell in love with the work they were doing. Little did I know that this would be my first step toward a 25+ year career raising funds for Missions around the country. When I finally decided to step out on my own and start a new agency, I knew that I wanted to invest all of my experience, energy, and resources toward serving Missions. I also knew my agency would not carry
my name but rather one with deep significance to me personally. Having lost my brother, Martín, as an infant and then my mother, Delia, when she was just 47, I decided to honor them with the agency name: Delia Martín.

It wasn’t until after I’d settled on the name that I had a bit of an epiphany. The image of my mom watching us eat around the dinner table came rushing back, and it dawned on me what she was doing. And then I thought of my tiny brother — vulnerable, hopeless, and in need of compassionate help.
To me, this is a beautiful reflection of what our Mission partners do! Putting others first … feeding the hungry … caring for people at their weakest … bringing hope to those who need it most.

We want to tell your story

We want to tell your story

Great fundraising is really about people and how we can best use our resources to help them overcome life’s difficulties.
When we effectively share the heartfelt stories from those who are hurting and disadvantaged, our communities will rise up to meet the need.
No matter what medium we use – be it personal contact, direct mail, digital appeals or social media – the standard is always the same: Make it real, keep it simple, and let the stories speak for themselves.
Includes the annual fundraising plan plus the ability to do special messaging via appeals or digital. Example: Is a donor who has given only one gift of $20 in the last 12 months more valuable than one who last gave $100.

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Our desire as an agency is to connect your donors with your Mission. See all the ways we can partner with you.

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Sharing heartfelt stories from those who are hurting. Bring our communities together to meet the need.