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You have a big vision for your Rescue Mission, and even bigger hopes for the men, women and children you serve.

Now you have a new partner – with years of experience and a passion for designing fundraising around your organization and your specific needs.

Our commitment is simple: no one-size-kind-of-fits-all.

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Delia Martin, Guiding Lights & Inspiration

Delia Martín Agency is named after my mother and younger brother. Both died much too young – yet both helped create a passion in me to help those who have exhausted all their options.

Growing up on a farm in Mexico, we lived off what we could raise. I remember my mom sitting at the table, watching us eat. I later learned that she was waiting to make sure her children had enough to eat before she herself would eat a small portion of the meager meal. And I remember her anguish when my baby brother died because there was no doctor, no hope…

In my work over the years with Rescue Missions, I have seen men, women and children who are out of options come through their doors. And the Mission stretched out a hand, welcomed them in the name of Jesus, and gave them help and hope.

My passion is to honor my family by serving your Mission, partnering with you to maximize your direct response income – and your impact on your city.

Your Delia Martin Partners

A new agency staffed by industry veterans with proven records

Rod Romero, President and CEO

Rod has been helping Rescue Missions for nearly 25 years:

  • Helping build Brewer Direct from the ground up.  As VP of Client Service, Rod provided oversight on all campaigns and take point on strategic discussions for the agency.
  • Managing Grizzard Communications Group’s largest, most successful Mission clients for nearly ten years as a Senior Account Executive.

Rod is a consummate client service specialist with a Business Administration degree. A graduate of Musicians Institute in Hollywood, he still finds time to play music and has served on worship teams at his church. Rod is also an active board member of Glendora National Little League where he coaches baseball.

Angela Collett, VP of Client Support

Bio coming soon!

Cindy Courtier, Writer/Interviewer/Strategist

“THRILLED!” When Rod Romero told me he was opening an agency to work directly with non-profit organizations, I was delighted. When he asked me to be a part of Delia Martin Agency, I was THRILLED.

I’ve worked with some really great people over the years.Russ Reid at RRC. Randy Brewer at Brewer Direct. Bob Hemmings at the original Smith/Hemmings. In each case, my greatest thrill has been creating fundraising programs with people who genuinely care about and are directly involved with their clients.

Now, I have the opportunity to do so again.

Isabelle Romero, Office Support

Bio coming soon!

Jill Mendenhall, 1969 – 2019

Jill had over 17 years of experience in all aspects of direct mail fundraising, including list selections, overseeing all mail and print production, database conversions, and providing direct client support to the agency.

Prior to joining Delia Martin Agency, Jill worked as the Client Support Supervisor at Brewer Direct for 11 years and as a Senior Account Coordinator at Grizzard Communications Group.

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